Online Class for Back Pain & Sciatica Sufferers

Learn how to FINALLY get rid of back pain on your own

-without pills, injections, procedures, or surgery-


All registered participants will receive a complimentary replay - in case you have to miss all or some of it

**Tue Sept 19th - from 6-7p - Live on Zoom**

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Four out of five people will suffer from a debilitating back pain episode at some point in their lives.

And for many, the only solution available to them is prescription pain pills, procedures, or worst case - surgery!

In this online class - presented by Dr. Carrie Jose, physical therapist and Pilates instructor - we go over natural ways to prevent debilitating back pain - so that you don't have to rely on pills, injections, procedures, multiple doctor's visit, expensive MRI's, or risky surgery.

Even if you've had back pain for years and been told there isn't anything you can do...

It's STILL possible to get relief!

Sign up for our next Back Pain & Sciatica class and learn how!

Tue Sept 19th from 6-7p - Live via Zoom

If you can't make the class live - don't worry - all registered participants will receive a recording of the class!