TUE June 22nd - from 6 -7p - Live on Zoom

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Getting Fit After 50 Masterclass

Most people aged 50+ who want to get and stay fit struggle - because what might work for someone in their 20's - just doesn't make sense for them in their 50's

Alec Liberman, functional strength coach and owner of On Target Fitness - and Dr. Carrie Jose, back pain specialist and owner of CJ Physical Therapy & Pilates - understand what it takes to get fit after 50.

Simply put... As you age - your needs change.

It's not only normal - but expected - that you'll have things like arthritis... degenerative (aging) joints... aches and pains... and different priorities.

It's essential that you find a method of training that is not only sustainable - but designed for longevity and factors all of this in.

If you believe that age is just a number - and want to learn the BEST ways to get and stay fit after 50...

Join Alec and Carrie on Tue June 22nd from 6-7p - live on Zoom - for this exclusive Masterclass!


  • Why most fitness programs miss the mark when it comes to helping people aged 50+
  • How arthritis is NORMAL - and doesn't need to keep you from working out
  • The best ways to manage old nagging injuries so they don't interfere with your workout program
  • Why back pain is inevitable if you're over 50 and how to avoid it
  • How to make sure the fitness routine you're doing now is sustainable and won't get you injured
  • The "new 50" mindset - and how to get it
  • What it really takes to get fit after 50 - and stay that way for years to come!


Dr. Carrie Jose

Back Pain specialist and Physical Therapist + Owner of CJPT & Pilates, Portsmouth, NH

Carrie has been helping people stay active, healthy and mobile for the past 20 years. She holds two degrees in physical therapy, is a comprehensively certified Pilates instructor, certified in Dry Needling, and has a specialty certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT/McKenzie Method). Carrie’s foundation and passion for movement began at the age of four when she took her first dance class. As a dancer, Pilates instructor, and physical therapist, Carrie has developed a deep and intimate knowledge of how the human body moves and is connected. She brings this experience and intuition with her to every session, and spends time coaching her team to think outside of the box when it comes to restoring strong, healthy movement.

Alec Liberman

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach + Owner of On Target Fitness, Portsmouth, NH

Alec Liberman has been changing people's lives with fitness for over 10 years. His own introduction to fitness came with getting himself physically prepared for the Marine Corps. After 4 years and 2 deployments to Afghanistan, Alec exited active service as a Captain. He then went on to open On Target Fitness, a different kind of gym focused on personalized coaching. Alec is a Certified Functional Strength Coach and a USA Obstacle Course Racing level 1 certified Coach. In 2018 he was awarded the Results Fitness University Business Owner of the Year Award and in 2019 he won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the NH Small Business Association. Alec believes that when you take an integrated, whole lifestyle approach, you simply get better results.

Even if you've haven't exercised for years... or have been plagued by injuries...

It's STILL possible to get in shape!

Sign up for this Getting Fit After 50 Masterclass and learn how!

Tue June 22nd from 6-7p - Live via Zoom

If you can't make the class live - don't worry - all registered participants will receive a recording of the class!